Thursday 3 October 2013

A day in Derby

Last week I travelled to Derby to give a public lecture for the Derbyshire Archaeological Society (DAS). I had contacted the DAS earlier in the year, as I was keen to let people know more about my research project, and also to get in contact with some of their members. The Biddles' excavations in Repton, which my PhD is based on, took place between 1974 and 1988, and in 1993. In those years a great number of volunteers took part; many from the local area. Two articles have so far been published on the excavations, but the final reports are still in progress. I wanted to let as many as possible know what my project is about, and hoped I might get some useful feedback too.

Over 90 people turned up to listen to my talk in the end, which was a great turnout. The audience was great, and I think I pitched the talk right - which is difficult when you have a lot of information (and science!) to try to get across to a mixed group of people! Since the talk I've been in contact with many of those who attended. Several have e-mailed me with comments and to give me additional information, some of which has already proven very useful in my research. I hope the DAS will have me back again in the future, once my research has progressed a little further!

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